Hitting the Road ?? Make room for Flicks – The Newfangled Boombox

Entertainment is what delights a soul and most of us enjoy the experience of it when it is offered to us in the form of a motion picture. How cool is a movie experience when you can watch a movie with your kith and kin or buddies when you go camping in the wild? Of course smartphones and tablets don’t offer much room but whereas There is this new project called the Dashbon Flicks that allows us to just do the same when we are on the road, practically everywhere and anywhere.
Dashbon Flicks
To be as simple as possible Dashbon flick is nothing but a Projector and a Speaker that is developed in line with modern technologies. As easy as toasting your bread with butter you can easily watch a movie with Flicks. This projector comes with a HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels, all you need is a HDMI cable to start streaming.
No one walks around without a smart device, these little tech monsters are becoming the lifeline of day-to-day communication with these miniature gadgets you can connect it via HDMI cable to Flicks and start streaming your favorite movies on the go. These options doesn’t stop at smartphones or tablets or laptops you are also open to use media devices like Google Chromecast , Roku or Fire TV Stick. With HDMI on the cards it is your choice to pick the medium to stream your movies.
Entertainment does not include just motion picture, there are people who go head over heels over music, Flicks boasts of a Bluetooth speaker that comes along with a sub woofer and bass radiator system. There is also two full range speakers and a microphone for speakerphone function, it is just there to allow you to take or make calls with crystal clear quality.
One important aspect of every electronic product is of course it’s battery and how much capable it is to run along without getting wired up in a socket. Flicks scores in that arena too the battery backup is plausible. There are two models of flicks —The Flicks model offers you 4 hrs movie playback and 28 hrs of music playback whereas the higher end one that is Flicks Range offers you a double with 8 hrs of movie playback and 56 hrs of music playback. The project is now live in Indiegogo.
Altogeher Dashbon Flicks is an one stop powerhouse to view movies, hear music. take or make calls and even charge your USB powered smart devices. Next time when you run wild in a camping site make sure you own a Flicks, 
Watch the Story of Flicks..!!

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