The Story of Chocolate the Elixir of life..!!

You know what is a delicious cure to a bad day — CHOCOLATE. Have you ever noticed that STRESSED when read backwards is DESSERTS and chocolate scores high in dessert category that is why some prefer to call it self medication. It was called the Food of Gods and I feel why not, for people like me a good chocolate is a drug.
Do you ??
Chocolate comes from Cacao beans originated in African continent it is more or less a cluster of seeds growing inside pods these beans are later processed under various stages ( This, we will save up for later , a blog post on the making of chocolate is on the list ) into chocolate.
Looks like chocolate was eaten from 1400 BC but not like how we indulge in its sweetness. The Mesoamericans from the region around Central Mexico, were the first ones to include chocolate in their diet. They started to have it in the form of a hot frothy bitter drink, they felt this concoction gave them some replenished energy.
There is also a piece of history that says the Aztecs considered it as drink created by gods and found it sacred but the tradition of drinking chocolate was passed to them by the Mayans after they conquered their empire, and what is crazy is they used cacao beans as a form of currency to trade things. Those days you could buy a turkey with 100 cacao beans , looks like chocolate was always powerful. It was the Europeans who made the bitter drink better by adding sugar and milk. And around 250 yrs ago the Dutch and English made it more better by making it into smooth bars of sweetness. 
This piece of little wonder contains all those compounds that can make you feel all high just like marijuana on the line but as the amount of compounds are limited it doesn’t take you as high as drugs but gives you delightful feel as it should. Chocolate creates Dopamine in the brain that makes you feel happy and at times relieves headache just like Caffeine. It also has Theobromine that stimulates your central nervous system and do you ever wondered why chocolate takes off fatigue, it is only because it contains Caffeine that keeps you alert by cheating the Adenosine receptors ( for further info on this look here Coffee and Caffeine)
Chocolate in any form is too good 🙂
Why do you think people call it an elixir of life , it is called so as it lifts your mood with a feel good factor and that happens inside you because chocolate contains Phenylethylamine a compound that helps the brain to produce endorphin that creates pleasurable effects inside you. Due to which you will feel all contented and it raises your blood pressure and blood glucose levels that keeps you feeling alert and elevated. It is also bound to cure depression and it is certainly a mood elevator.
Next time when you crave for a chocolate don’t ponder why, these are the facts why your heart craves for the elixir and knowing things are always better, when you know it does good, you are bound to like it more. Now you have read it all, so never ever miss a chance to indulge in the sweetness of chocolate to feel exuberant.
On a final note 🙂

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