Happiness is a Cup of Coffee — Agreed ??

COFFEE .. One word that would make many smile like they saw the end of horizon are you one of them? Pat yourself you are not alone. When some say they want a Tea over a Coffee I literally feel how could you choose tea over something as heavenly as coffee that is how much am into coffee. What more could I ask for other than coffee when there is rain on my window and a book on my hand, have you ever felt that sheer serene energy flowing inside you in such a perfect occasion? If not please do try it out at least once who knows what you might find in it.
I believe as you sip a coffee alone in a cafe you are sure to find a tranquil space where you would be comfortable enough to find your inner self. I know am not alone I have seen folks get delighted at a aromatic cup of hot coffee so what is smoking in that cup that makes people exalted.
I will tell you the fable of coffee as i knew it, this wonder berry was found by goats in the great land of Ethiopia, when goats munched these berries they seemed to be high on energy and that is where it all started. As news begin to travel coffee spread everywhere, history says people first started cultivating and consuming it in Arabia and it spread across the globe. The human races started consuming it as they got a sense of flowing energy that made them feel more alive and awake. Coffee houses started to pop, as people believed to a talk over coffee, gave more essence to a conversation. 
Down south of India there is a custom to meet a bride over coffee in the prospect of an arranged marriage, i guess it is only to awaken the poor souls before they make the grave mistake of choosing the right one to bicker for the rest of their life. 
Have you ever wondered why people feel that energy over a coffee ??  It is pretty simple not rocket science for sure, there is this element Adenosine that is produced in your brain this thing gets attached to adenosine receptors and slows you down and even causing sleep in one way. When you consume Caffeine which looks similar to Adenosine, it does a cheating game by binding itself to these receptors as it prevents adenosine from binding you no longer feel sleepy or down or lazy instead you feel all geared up to take out the world. This is the reason why coffee makes you feel alive.
There is also a reason why people suggest coffee when you have a throbbing headache it is not just to get rid of you. When your blood vessels are tightened or narrowed down you might feel relieved from headache. Adenosine broadens up your blood vessels where as caffeine narrows it down which is why some pain killers contains caffeine so next time sip a coffee when your head is on fire.
There are numerous other effects that caffeine creates in your body but lets keep it simple, in short it does has many good effects for you.  Let me jot down what I know
  • Coffee reduces the risk of  Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and some forms of Cancer it also helps people with Liver cirrhosis, and it is also bound to help for heart diseases. — so it is not coffee anymore i should call it a power packed health drink.
  • It burns your fat, makes you smart, blows up your energy level  
  • It does seem to have some nutrients in it and helps you fight depression and can make you happy too.
  • More than any drink coffee seems to have more antioxidants.
Even Garfield Loves Coffee 🙂

For a person like ME happiness is a really good book and cup of coffee that is all is required to make me feel divine..find your moment and start to indulge in the pleasures of life..!!

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