How about writing a will for your digital assets Using Password Box ??

As soon as one learns to read and write the first thing they do is get online and the next thing they do is create a variety of accounts on various sites. What starts with social media and email accounts later gets big ranging from organizing and maintaining business related files, maintaining your bank accounts online, performing transactions and the list never ends. So what transpires is we maintain a wide range of digital information in which some are vulnerable and secure that needs to be protected at any cost.

Predominantly whatever created online is protected with a username and password. Now let us say someone I knew called John hesitates to create a unique password for each account in the fear of forgetting it in the long run so mostly he ends up giving the same password for all accounts. Some people like John do not wish to create strong passwords dreading they may forget it and end up using their cat’s name as passwords

What if John had a secure vault where he could store different unique and strong passwords and maintain everything with a master password, and what if he is able to login to all the accounts directly with a single click in all the devices he own?? Well somebody did create such a secure mechanism that is well encrypted and with a lot of features that is Password Box for you. 

Now everything is just one click away. Password box is a downright digital manager to shield your digital life.  It’s a free service that allows users to securely store retrieve and share passwords and other personal data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. All the icons of your diverse accounts are listed in one screen and you are given the honor to log in to any application in just one click.

Password box

It works like the Dropbox service it is free until you store only 25 passwords after which you need to go premium for a yearly subscription. Yet you are entitled to earn a free lifetime subscription by referring 5 friends to Password box.

 They also use strong encryption methodologies to store your data, nothing is sent over the internet and everything is encrypted in your own device so if you lose the master password there is no way of accessing the vault. 

Lately they have acquired Legacy locker and have extended their service to protect your digital legacy after your death. We all may have some digital accounts or content that we would like to pass on to our trusted few after we die. Legacy locker paves way to do the same. When you store your encrypted data you can invite a person to become your digital heir after your demise. 

The data is sent to the digital heir only after your pass away until then it remains only on your device. Once your heir notifies your demise with a death certificate the team checks the same and upon confirmation hands over your digital assets

In brief Password box and Legacy locker are your one stop web solution to store retrieve protect and pass your digital assets while you live as well as after you breathe your last. It is the next gen mechanism of passing your assets to your digital beneficiaries.

Check out the video to know more

Take a chance by downloading the app for free from their website

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