Will Vuzix Become the Next Alternative To Google Glass ??

Google Glass sure does have a caused quite a revolution will Vuzix M100 offer the same is the next big question. The Glass has scheduled their commercial launch only by next year whereas Vuzix has started their shipping to developers and have opened up pre order for the public which makes them the first commercially available smart glasses. They planned their sales for $500 but now the glasses are available at pre order for $1000. Making the smart glasses available before Google sure does give them a edge I suppose. These Android powered smart glasses sure do not make the next fashion statement with their design but still they do give you a total hands free experience. 
The key features to be noted are they possess facilities for  wireless connectivity and can be connected to your android or ios devices. It also comes with a integrated GPS system to help you with the location things. They have pre installed apps to capture and play videos as well as images. They are also compatible with a number of existing android apps and they are powered by Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich Operating System.
Vuzix M100 (In two colors)
Vuzix M100
To be elaborate about the features they come with a Resolution of WQVGA color displays and you would have an experience of viewing a 4 inch mobile screen from a distance of 14 inches. With the headband they provide this device can be flipped to be used from either the left eye or the right eye. They are also pumped by a 1 Ghz Texas instrument processor and comes with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of Flash memory (Internal storage of course ). They also offer you a Micro SD slot up to 32GB for those who want more. They do have sensors like accelerometer, Compass and Gyro sensor. You are entitled to take picture of 5 mega pixels and video of 1080p. And a microphone and a speaker are also added features. You are also at the liberty to connect your glasses via Bluetooth 4.0 or 802.11n Wi Fi. Finally all these gizmos needs battery power to be alive in which Vuzix offers around 2 hours on the run and 6 hours on standby and just 1 hour on high load usage.
Vuzix M100 With Mounting Component

Vuzix M100

Altogether they do say smart glasses would be an amazing tool for people in aircraft industry or medicine or a businessman or any other person for a greater living. Well who wins the race whether Vuzix or Google glass would be worth to wait and watch or there are even possibilities to make these both a great pioneer in these technologies and someone else topping the list of Smart Glass in all factors including cost.
Get to know more about the Eye Gear in their official website 

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