A Digital Whiteboard For Your Brainstroming – An Amusing Real Time Web App Mural.ly

Every business idea or every initiative needs a plan or sketch or blueprint or at least a sticky note to keep track of how a plan comes up and to share our ideas to the team. Those days we had the blackboard then came the greenboard ( oh wait both are same just some optimistic folks turned the same board green ) ya then came the whiteboard which used a different medium to write. Initially people either used one of these or a piece of paper to jot down new ideas , Now say thank you to some folks because everything has gone digital and more interactive and more fun.


Real time web technologies are more advanced and used widely now than before a decade because people have got more accustomed to these technologies through social networking sites. Using one such real time web technology they have developed this creative web app called Murally. A mural is a painting done on wall similar to the definition this app provides you a wall where you can collaborate with your friends and team mates about your idea. The whole point is to provide a platform for you to visualize your idea and to allow you to collaborate easily. Our brain is a mixed bag whenever we consider some idea we always deem of images, texts, related videos, website links and much more. This app has understood that and has offered features in a right proportion. They give you a potpourri of tools to add texts, shapes, links, images, and videos to the canvas. They even provide you with lot of sharing options you could invite the people you want to collaborate on the project and they can even add comments anywhere on the canvas. They have also incorporated chat feature.
 Each component say a text or image or shape everything is customizable to your needs you can lock it to stop further changes or add comments to let people know more and so on. You are also entitled to directly search images inside the application and drop it in your canvas along with a title and description about how its used in your work. When you drop links a small page of the site is added to your canvas. Whenever each item is added it notifies all the collaborators too. Kind of expressive tool to express your idea before you see it in action. Be it a idea or story telling or a holiday plan or whatever it is this is one fun way to work as a team. On the whole when you drop and drag and work your whole idea would come out live before your eyes. They do have amazing collaborative options do try everything its obviously a fun and productive way of brainstorming to systematize your idea 
You are also given the freedom to connect with your Google drive or Evernote or your Iphone
Check out the link to use the app it has a free as well as a premium version.
Also check out this one min video to know more about how the app works

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