The One Mobile App That Should Be In Your List – 360 Mobile Security

Gone are the days where phones were used only for taking calls and sending Sms now every sort of application is available and usable from your mini device. A phone has now taken the transformation of a Mini computer. Predominantly we do store some vulnerable information in our phone. I dare to say that some would even turn into a zombie if they loose their phone in the fear that someone may view their personal stuff. Count me in I would become one for sure if I loose mine.  Mobile phones are becoming like personal diaries so the rule of privacy is always important, the base rule could be you stay off mine i will do the same. Saw a hilarious tweet that says relationship status is, had never wanted to put a lock on my phone obviously a funny one but the inside message behind the sarcasm is how important privacy is even with your loved ones.


So we often shield our phones from some lovable human threats like family, friends, the next door nosy uncle, the brother with temple run obsession and so on (As in other cases we would never part with our phones ) but who cares about the invisible threats that we bring upon us through the live data connection. Believe me nowadays even if we are working we often take our phone and atleast check whether the data connection is working properly. That is how much we are obsessed it has become a part of lives. When we are stoned with boredom all we do is browse from pillar to post in our mobiles we click this and that without even giving a second thought that where it would lead to. Even trusted sites could bring us harm since humans cannot be trusted this one big internet world is also mastered by humans so people stay aware there is nothing like trusted, could be trusted etc. All we could do is to install a mobile security many do think only computers need such app but nowadays we use the phone more than the computer. Unless and Until you don use your phone for browsing and checking mails and the sole usage of your phone is just using apps from the play store then you are kind of safe else you may rethink the idea of using a mobile security application. Its just like locking the doors and sleeping at night you don’t lock it because tonight some threat may come you lock it to know you are safe any day from anything.

Its not just about antivirus or keeping the devil away consider a complete security package that would have many other features to safeguard your device and of course no one likes to burn holes in their pocket choose one that comes free of cost.
The one I would suggest would be 360 Mobile Security app it comes free and has a beautiful interface too. No one likes app that comes with a boring or cluttered interface you know so it counts, as well as the interface is very interactive and impressive too . It has a rating of 4.8 and 250,000 downloads in the play store. As soon as you install it, it would take you through a beautiful UI. According to the status of your mobile security the background wallpaper changes color. After you do your first scan if a vulnerablity is found it gives a detailed report about how the vulnerability could be handled and what it is all about which is pretty informative for the user, Rather than giving fix to issue without knowing what it really is. Next comes the privacy advisor feature which gives full picture of which apps uses what data from your phone a neat and handy one i should say. It also comes with a system cleanup to free up your memory and ya a Call blocker feature is also included in the package to keep those disturbing numbers at bay without needing a separate application.

The Background that specifies the status of the device, for suspicious state the background changes to light brown

360 Mobile Security

The Scanning Process

360 Mobile Security
The Result Screen..(That heart flutters too and for the risky result they do have a red spider like creature kind of pretty..!!)
360 mobile security
Finally for a free service this was one of the best mobile security application that is available for android as well as apple. A highly recommended app from many of the users those who are protective about their devices should really check it out before they say the big two letter word “NO”..!!

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