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Rajasthan – Royal & Rustic Retreat

Travel is more than having a destination in mind, it is discovering a place in your heart you have never been before. For a long time Rajasthan was one such place I have been wanting to visit, colourful cities, different culture and a contrasting landscape. It was definitely not similar to the places i have… Continue reading Rajasthan – Royal & Rustic Retreat

Life, Love, musings, Night Life, story, Travel

Small Town..Big Stories..!!

There comes this mandatory holiday of every year, as the year ends and when everyone packs their bags with out of office screaming on their forehead, apparently you would be inspired more to go somewhere. Off late I prefer celebrating birthdays, new year and other special occasions in a place away from the buzzing world.… Continue reading Small Town..Big Stories..!!

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Finding My Way Home..!!

Where our story begins is home- home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.. We all grew up with the dream of leaving home, as a kid running behind moving trains and flying aeroplanes, thinking of soaring high and finding a home, faraway from where we started. But somewhere between the wild goose chase we would have changed the dream to come back home. Everything… Continue reading Finding My Way Home..!!